ARAM (All Random All Middle) is a great alternative to your normal game modes. It’s fast, fun, and leads to some very exciting battles you wouldn’t normally see.


Your main objective is simple: Go head to head with the opposing team in one single lane with randomly selected dragons as your team fights to free your Titan. With a random Dragon selection your team could wind up with some very unique team combinations which in turn leads to some very unorthodox battles.


In ARAM, dragons are randomly assigned to all players from the pool of weekly free rotation and owned dragons, with one re-roll allowed per player. However, you can still select the weapon of your choice.  Gold is automatically deposited in ARAM without having to visit a hoard. When enough gold is collected by your team, giant ballistae will fire powerful arrows that travel across the entire battlefield, damaging everything in their path. ARAM has hoards that do not heal, but still clear negative status effects. Also, for the first time, enemy minions will drop potions that recover mana in addition to health, to help fuel your attacks and keep you in the fight.  Use this to your advantage and seek out enemy minions when you are low on mana for a quick boost.


The key to ARAM is teamwork, and that begins with weapon selection. Without the support of restorative weapons like Veritas Scripturas or Rainmaker, your team may find itself low on vital health and mana. Likewise, without enough offensive firepower, you may find yourself constantly on the defense, unable to break through the wave of attacks.  Prior to the battle starting, make sure to take a look at your team and your dragons and decide on a good variety of weapons. Communication is key and remember that staying cordial


To free your Titan from the enemy Titan Cage, you must systematically make your way down the streets of Halvalas, taking down enemies, turrets and shrines along the way. Since there is only one lane, any loss of a structure or ally will put your team at an immediate disadvantage. A team that sticks together wins together in ARAM. Try to time your abilities and attacks together to maximize your chances of winning.