War Titan LayeredWHAT IS IT?

The Council Lords are the select few who are entrusted to represent the community as a whole to the Dragons and Titans Developers. The revered Council Lords review all new game content including new dragons, weapons, maps and adventure acts before this new content enters the game. Council Lords also engage in discussions with the Developers about game balance, new feature ideas and bug details.

Requirements to be a Council Lord:

●     Must be over 16 years of age

●     Must be active and have time to contribute to the Council Lord group.

●     Be enthusiastic about Dragons and Titans

●     Have a strong desire to expand and improve Dragons and Titans

●     Must have 1 month experience with Dragons and Titans or strong history with other MOBAs (may be waived with recommendation from another Council Lord)

●     Must have played at least 50 PvP matches

●     Exhibit a history of teamwork and ability to have rational discussions with others

●     Account must be in good standing



To apply to become a Council Lord, send your Council Lord application to our support team with the following information:

●     In-Game Name, UID, Level and Rating

●     Real Name

●     Age (Must be over 16)

●     Location (or Time Zone)

●     How long have you been playing Dragons and Titans?

●     What is your level of expertise in MOBA games? Have you played any other MOBAs?

●     Have you had any experience testing other games?

●     Have you ever been banned or had disciplinary action taken against you? If so, please explain.

●     Why do you think you would be a good Council Lord?

●     Anything else you would like us to know?