Icemaul“Hunters of the icy floes.”

The haunting song of the Icemaul is the lullaby of the lost. – Pole Run Sailor’s proverb

Ice Storm: Breath - An ice water breath that produces a frozen shard type status effect (icicles on you) that slow you while they are on and then do an AOE burst when they die that can hit other nearby players and slow them to continue the cycle. Spell1: A painful, slowing breath of icy water, that explodes after a small delay to slow and damage those around the victim.

Hoarfrost: Spell 1: The icemaul's enemies are covered in painful shards of ice that coalesce from the air around them, and then explode inflicting damage to those that surround them. Spell 2: Sharp and cutting shards of ice coalesce form the air onto the Icemaul's foes, then explode, causing AOE damage.