Q: What is the Titan Pass?

The Titan Pass is the single purchasable item in Dragons and Titans. With this purchased you receive all the content we have built since the game was created and additionally you receive all the new content we release for 1 year after your purchase. In addition players will receive 4x the crystal rewards from playing matches for the year after purchasing the Titan Pass as well.

Q: Why did you change to the Titan Pass ?

We wanted to create something that we felt was priced fairly that would allow more of our players to have everything in the game unlocked and experience everything we have created. We also wanted to make sure that in no way did people feel our game was pay to win.

Q: What else has changed with the release of the Titan Pass ?

We have removed Dragon Bucks, Ingots, Warmarks, Bundles, Potions.
Forging is now instant.
Forge elements drop from each act in Adventure now as well.
Rune combining is instant now as well.


Q: What happens to anything I purchased before the Titan Pass?

You still own all dragons, weapons, acts, skins, and avatars you purchased pre-Titan pass.


Q: What happens to the Dragon Bucks, Potions, Warmarks and Forge Ingots I already had?

We are converting all of those to crystals at the following rates.

Dragon Buck – 2000 Crystals
War Mark – 400 Crystals
Forge Ingot – 10 Crystals
Potion – 2000 Crystals


Q:What if I had already spent money in the game?

As a special thank you for players who have supported us in the past, any player who had paid over $20 will be awarded a one time Veterans Dragon Pack of 10 Random Tier II Dragons when they log into the game.
Q: What are the bonus avatars?

We have created 4 special avatars as a thank you for all players who have played Dragons and Titans. Each is awarded to you automatically based on playing the minimum number of months.

Water Elemental – 3 months
Fire Elemental – 6 months
Gorglot – 9 months
Dragonborn – 12 months


Q: What about avatars that are special rewards, for example placing top 100 in a season?

Special award avatars are not included in the Titan Pass and will still only be available to players as before.


Q:Can you still buy individual items?

No, the only item now purchasable in Dragons and Titans is the Titan Pass.


Q: How do you get tiered dragons now?

You still can earn crystals by playing matches and use those crystals to unlock random dragon eggs which you can combine with your existing dragons to create higher tiers.


Q: Will I still be able to play without buying anything?

Absolutely, you can play Dragons and Titans for free. Dragons and Weapons will still have a free rotation and can be unlocked with crystals.


Q: Can I still buy dragon eggs?

Only with crystals.


Q: I just want to buy one dragon. Why did you change it?

With the Titan Pass you not only unlock every dragon we have ever made, but all the new dragons we will release for one year from the time your purchase the pass. We feel this incredible value and the simplicity that there is nothing else to buy is the best decision for the game.