Big update, Dragon Lords! New Weapon, Improved Maps, Faster Queues and More Crystals (30% more rewards per match!)

New Weapon:
Skyripper, the Blade that Should Not be is now in the Shop. Nether Strike is an AoE attack that both inflicts damage and a slow mana drain that lasts until the status effect is cleared. Sky Rip creates a Nether Gate that releases imp minions until destroyed. (A preview video is on the way!)

General Updates:
Getting into matches have never been quicker or easier. All you need to do is select the dragon and weapon combination you want to play with, then enter the queue. Players are guaranteed to be able to play with the combination they’ve selected and the match begins as soon as 10 players are found. To drastically minimize queue time, matches will now allow duplicates of dragon or weapon selections if a match with unique selections if not immediately available.

Match rewards have also increased from 3 crystals per minute to 4, which on average translates to match rewards increased by 30%! More rewards per individual match and more matches played quicker overall since there is a significant reduction in wait time between matches. Win win!

Map Updates:
Finally, Maps have been improved to 3 Game Modes with different objectives that lead you to victory!

MOBA map is now Chaos Unleashed:
*Return gold to the hoard to appease Chaos.
*Pay the gold tribute before the other team!
*The tribute resets when Chaos dies.

Capture Points is now Nethergate and has a big makeover:
*Capture points to summon Nether Titans faster.
*Use the Nether Titans as a battering ram.
*Destroy the Keep Gate and release your Titan!

ARAM is now Ballistae Alley:
*Collect gold to charge your team’s Ballistae.
*Listen for the trumpet to avoid the enemy Ballistae!
*Watch the enemy village crumble as you progress.